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Convert single row from source to three rows in target :
Split the non-key columns to separate tables with key column in both:
Separating duplicate and non-duplicate rows to separate tables :
Retrieving first and last record from a table/file :
Remove footer from your file:
Remove header from your file:
Sending first half record to target:
Sending second half record to target :
Sending alternate record to target:
Separate the original records in target :
Separate rows on group basis:
Get top 5 records to target without using rank :
Segregating rows on group count basis :
Extracting every nth row :
Sending records to target tables in cyclic order :
Concatenation of duplicate value by comma separation:
Target table rows , with each row as sum of all previous rows from source table.:
Produce files as target with dynamic names:
Validating all mapping in repository:
Using mapping parameter and variable in mapping:
Removing '$' symbol from salary column:
Currency convertor :
sending data one after another to three tables in cyclic order:
Converting '$' symbol to 'RS." in sal column:
Insert and reject records using update strategy:
Count the no of vowel present in emp_name column:
Remove special characters from empno:
Convert Numeric Value to Date Format:
Check the Hire-Date is Date or Not:
Date Difference in Hours:
Sending to target with days difference more than 2 days:
Convert Day No. to corresponding month and date of year:
Targeting records of employees who joined in current month.:
Extracting first and last name:
Extracting Middle Name From Ename:
SCD Type2:
SCD Type3:
Unit Testing: