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This article will answer frequently asked questions and some troubleshooting information.

Q: I installed plg_system_JooComment and enabled it , but I don't see any configuration in the plugin page. How do I enable or Disable comments on articles ?

A: The configuration is actually not in the plugin page, you will have to come to each of the article either while creating or editing. On the right hand side of the article administrator page, you will find "JooComments Options" slider, expand the slider and your option is right there, for the article.

Q: I used the "JooComments Options" slider in article manager page as instructed, however the enable/disable options doesn't seem to work.

A: The enable/disable option needs to have your cache cleared. Clear the cache from Joomla configuration each time you make a change to the JooComments options  and then go back to the front page and refresh the page you should see the changes.

Q: What is the difference between the Enable Comment and the Close Comments in the JooComments  Options in the article manager ?

A: The Enable Comment when chosen to "No" will let the entire comments disabled ( both the form and the list of comments ) for the article , even if there were comments made earlier on the same article. However the Close Comments is little flexible, when you know that there were comments already , and you want to show them but not interested that users will comment on the same article. Essentially this shows the comments already made and hides the comment form.

Q: Apart from Enabled and close comment options in JooComments Option slider in article manager page I am seeing "Key Reference" text option, What is it's use in JooComments ? 

A: Well , the official version of JooComments option slider does not contain any such text option. It is actuallly part of Joomla. In Joomla 1.7.3, this option is added but little buggy, it is meant to be displayed in Metadata options slider.Hoping that in the next version of Joomla fixes this problem.

Q: How can i disable comment component for particular category ?

A: As of version 1.0.2 you can't disable comments for a particular category , however you can disable comments on a particular article by using plg_system_JooComment plugin.

Q: I need the possibility to translate the comments system/ How can I translate JooComments to different language ?

A: Version 1.0.1 and earlier did not have language capability , thus many user ended up modifying JooComments core files.However in Version 1.0.2 holds language files, which makes an easy way to translate text. I have plans to make language releases on version 1.0.2. Interested volunteers can mail me at bullrader[@] Then I can release a language pack.

Q : How do I  remove below link/ How do I remove the copyright ?

A:  JooComments doesn't have any configuration that can remove the copyright message that says "JooComments Powered by", unless one modifies the core file. Since many users were reluctant to show copyright message , I reduced the text that reads "Powered by" in version 1.0.2. A link back to my website helps me know who is using my component,thus letting me to visit the site and see what better could have been done or in other words improve JooComments. I would request you to keep this copyright as is. However If you want a link free version send me a request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I charge $10 and If you add $10 more , I will provide a customised JooComments theme for your site.

Q : Can I get a customized theme for JooComments?

You can post a request for customised theme meant for your site and a link free version. Send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: It possible to reply another comment ?

A: No, not as of v 1.0.2, But I do have plans that will let you or your users to reply. I am planning this feature in recent releases.

Q : I can't see comments/comments form  appearing in my page, what to do ?

A : There could be some reasons like the one below.

  • Apart from enabling the extensions, make sure you are not visiting a featured article and declare that you can't see the comments. Because no featured article can show JooComments.
  • There were a bug in version 1.0.1 and earlier which prevents to show comments/ comments form especially if the article title contains character like single quote ( ' ) or double quote ( " ) . But it is fixed in v 1.0.2. Download the latest version.
  • JooComments is totally defendant on JavaScript on browser , if your browser doesn't support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled then this problem may arise.

If you still have issue then raise a bug in the bug link , we wil make sure you get your answer in time.

Q: I am seeing "undefined" and then "Powered by" text, Neither comments nor the comments form is loading.

A: This is not a bug with JooComments, In recent observation, it is clear that some configuration may be with SEF component causes this problem. For example when the link is opened with www prefix with the site adderess causes this problem.

Q : I get the following error . "Error! Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package."  What to do ?

A:  Don't install the zip that that says . You need to extract this zip in which you will find the actual extensions , then you can install it one by one.

Q: I was wondering whether it is possible to auto approve the new messages ?

A: No , as of version 1.0.2 , JooComments does not feature this. However there could be implications like offensive words and many other things which an administrator would not want. We would have to plan this with mutliple options like : Let the administrator opts for auto approve for anyone or just limit to only registrered users.We would like to keep it open for users of JooComments, Please suggest on Feature request page.