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I will like to fix your bugs. But always download and install the latest version of JooComments, your bug may have been fixed already.

Please provide the details of the bug.

Necessary details and the format in which you must provide  to track the  bug. Copy paste these in the comment box below with appropriate details.

      Bug Deails: < Details of the bug, the problem that you are facing>

     Version Used: <mention the version of JooComments you are using>.

     Any Customization: <Mention if you have done any changes to the files after installing on JooComments, if yes then what are the files.>

     Link to the Page: <Provide the link to the page where you are seeing the problem occurs, ensure the page is accessible>.

     Browser used: < Browser used in which you detected the problem, with version number.>


I will make sure the bugs will be fixed as early as possible.


Abhiram Mishra.