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I have been developing extensions for Joomla for a long time and one of popular extension is JooComments. I create free extension but also helps people with their sites with a very minimal charges. I help my customer with the following areas.

 New extension development:
    Finding an extension which is very specific your need is difficult. You search through the extension directory of Joomla but could not find any close match of your need. I help my customers with extension development from beginning with the design to the installation and support there after.

 Extension customization:
    There are many free extensions which you want to use or even using it ,but it doesn't fit exactly how you wanted it to be.You put a feature request to the extension owner but they don't either pay attention or promise you to get back, but you can't wait. The customization may be a simple User interface change or even a customized feature just for your business. Choose any free extension which you want it customized, and I help you do it.

Virtual assistance:
    You want somebody to help you achieve something or you get stuck on some problem with your Joomla site,and it may actually take few minutes.But you don't either feel like spending time researching a solution or even after you followed FAQ and many documentation you could not just do it, you wish somebody could help you achieve it. With virtual assistance I can help you online, by many means either by chat,video chat or even remote access through software like team viewer. So don't waste your valuable time,rather spend time what you do best, preparing content or planning business strategy.

Your business, my assistance who and why  is third-party ?
    You wanted a piece of software, I deliver it, I help you what you need,there is no third party site involved, whom you pay indirectly for your job and I pay directly as a freelancer. And because there is no third party freelancing site, the service is price is low. Just $4 USD / hour (LIMITED PERIOD)

See the work, and then pay:
     You don't want to pay unless you are satisfied with the work. The work will be shown to you either in pictures, and on a demo site on my end. Once you feel you are happy with that, I will ask you to pay me.

Many users are happy with a free support for JooComments, And I promise even better solution and support for my paid clients.


You can reach me by the following means, or simple enough use the form below to reach me with your problem.