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Questions on Content Server

  1. What are vault and weblayout directories responsible for ,  in a typical ucm installation ?
  2. Where the checked in content are stored / What is the folder structure of a file checked into content server ?
  3. What is the difference between security group and accounts in oracle ucm ?
  4. What are the life cycle of a content in oracle ucm content management ?
  5. How do you call the different services in the content server ?
  6. What are hda files ?
  7. What is metadata ?
  8. What is JSP Groups ? / How do you enable content server for JSP web development ?
  9. What are zone fields ?
  10. What is Repository Manager ? What it is used for ?
  11. What is fulltext search/indexing ?

Questions on Component :

  1. What is component ?
  2. What are filters ?
  3. How to do you restrict anonymous users to execute your define/created services ?
  4. What does the load order signify in a component ?

Questions on Site studio:

  1. What is the difference between primary and secondary layout in site studio ?
  2. What are the different elements can be added to a region definition?
  3. What is the difference between static list fragment and dynamic list fragment?
  4. What is fragment and when is it best suited for?
  5. What is the native server-side scripting language for web pages in content server ?