Steps for desktop reporting with bo6.5

Step1: Create the user to hold repository like below

SQL> create user bo65 identified by bo65;
User created.
SQL> grant connect, resource,dba to bo65 ;
Grant succeeded.
SQL> conn bo65/bo65;

Step2: create repository components.
 These are the components
Security domain: Those set of tables hold security information
Document Domain: Contains hold the reports
Universe Domain: Contain model of report by using designer tool
These are the steps for creating component or objects

  1. connect to supervisor

  2. To create new repository click on admin
  3. There are three; steps; required for creating it, as described below in picture

    Click on begin
  4.  Chose the default initialization. It will create all kinds of repository component automatically.

    Click on next
  5. One window will come. Give supervise name as you like, password and click next.
  6. Click on setup
  7. Click on next
  8. Choose database type click next
  9. Give user name (as we have created earlier bo65), password and service name as shown bellow
  10. Click on next
  11. Click on finish
  12. Click on next
  13. Then privous menu will come,click next then click finish

Step3:Connect to supervisor by giving username and password. Under the supervisor you can create one sub-ordinate user and you can give the permission as supervisor.

Step4:Then we have to create one model in designer. These are the steps

  1. Go to designer. There are two ways to connect designer
    In supervisor go to tools=>Run=>Designer
    Connect Designer directly
  2. Go to tools , then choose connections. First you have to create connection with desire database.
  3. Click on add then next.
  4. Chose the required database then next
  5. Give connection name, username and pass word
  6. Click next=>next=>next=>finish
  7. Click on file=>new. One window will come and give name and choose connection name. Then click on ok.
  8. Then ond window will com like this .
  9. Select emp and dept table and insert it or drag and drop it. After selecting you can close that table window and drag and drop those tables  you have selected to navigator as shown bellow.
  10. Suppose we want to join to table where deptpno of dept is equal to deptno of emp.
    For achieving this right clicks on dept then chose join one window will come and write the condition like this.Then click on Ok
  11. Then save it.It will be look like as below

Step5:Finanally we have to generate report. These are the steps for report generation

  1. Go to Business Objects6.5.
  2. Go to File=> then new

    Click on begin
  3. Click on next
  4. Choose the universe name that you have save in designer

    click on finish
  5. Dept and Emp table will appear in navigator. Select the  required column and drag it to work space for report generation.
  6. Click on run for generating report