Lets start installing CouchDB.

OS Used: Windows 7, however

Step 1: Download the latest CouchDB installer from the site, http://couchdb.apache.org/, download the installer which suits your operating system needs. I chose the windows x86 installer.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, you need to start the installer setup-couchdb-1.2.0_otp_R15B.exe ( it could be different, depending on the version you downloaded) .

Step 3: It may ask for the security , so we know from who the publiser is so lets click on RUN.

Step 4: This brings the first step of the installation with the welcome note. Click on NEXT

Step 5: The lincense agreement has to be accepted, so accept the lincense agreement and then click NEXT

Step 6: Choose the location you want to install CouchDB. By default it installs in the program files, but you can choose anything, in the below screenshot I choose "D:\couchdb\app", however you can choose anything, ( Choosing anything may give you a warning, don't bother). Click NEXT

Step 7: Select a start menu folder which will appear from within the start menu of windows.Click NEXT

Step 8: Now this interface will ask you if you wish to install couchdb as windows service , which is a good idea, You can start as soon as you finish this installation. And if you wish to stop this service you can visit the windows service manager to do so. Lets select both the options and click "NEXT"

Step 9:  Summery of the options choosen, Once you review the summery click on INSTALL, If you wish to change anything go back and do so.

Step 10: Click on Finish , once the installation is over.

Now what, everything is ready , If you followed the steps as described above , your service ( couchdb ) is started, that means your database is ready to be used.

However if you wish to start /stop or disable automatic startup of couchdb follow the following instructions to do it on windows machine.

Click on Start-> Type in "services.msc" in the search/run . and start windows service manager by choosing it.

Choose "Apache CouchDB" from the services manager 's standard tab.

Use the start/ stop to start or stop the service.

As windows start this service starts automatically , if you don't want to do so , then choose "manual" in the Startup type.

Alternate way to start the service: You can always come to the windows service manager and start this service if not started already. But there is a shortcut. Click on start then click on All Programs then click on "Apache CouchDB" which provides "starts couchDB" to start the service.


Now we know all the details, Lets start the web manager of the couchdb by clicking "Futon ( CouchDb web interface ) .