Scenario 13: There are 4 departments in Emp table. The first one with 100,2nd with 5, 3rd with 30 and 4th dept has 12 employees. Extract those dept numbers which has more than 5 employees in it,  to a target table.


  1. Put the source to mapping and connect the ports to aggregator transformation.
    src to aggr
  2. Make 4 output ports in aggregator  as in the picture above : count_d10, count_d20, count_d30, count_d40.
    For each port write expression like in  the picture below.
    agg property
  3. Then send it to expression transformation.
    aggr expr
  4. In expression make four output ports (dept10, dept20, dept30, dept40) to validate dept no
    And provide the expression like in the picture below.
    expr props
  5. Then connect to router transformation. And create a group and fill condition like below.
    router property
  6. Finally connect to target table having one column that is dept trn