Senario:Suppose you are importing a flat file emp.csv and hire_date colummn is in numeric format, like 20101111 .Our objective is convert it to date,with a format 'YYYYMMDD'.

  EMPNO       HIRE_DATE(numeric)           
  -------            -----------
     1                20101111
     2                20090909
EMPNO            HIRE_DATE (date)          
 ------                   -----------
     1                   11/11/2010
     2                    09/09/2009

  1.  Connect SQF to an expression.
  2. In expression make hire_date as input only and make another port hire_date1 as o/p port with date data type.
  3. In o/p port of hire_date write condition like as below
  4. Finally send to target

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