We have a source table containing 3 columns : Col1, Col2 and Col3. There is only 1 row in the table as follows:


Col1 Col2 Col3
a b c

There is target table containg only 1 column Col. Design a mapping so that the target table contains 3 rows as follows:



Without using normaliser transformation.


row to column transformation


Create 3 expression transformations exp_1,exp_2 and exp_3 with 1 port each. Connect col1 from Source Qualifier to port in exp_1.Connect col2 from Source Qualifier to port in exp_2.Connect col3 from source qualifier to port in exp_3. Make 3 instances of the target. Connect port from exp_1 to target_1. Connect port from exp_2 to target_2 and connect port from exp_3 to target_3.