Scenario: Suppose you have a source is like this

  E_NO    YEAR        DAYNO
   ------   --------- -         ---------
  1          01-JAN-07     301
  2          01-JAN-08     200
Year column  is a  date and dayno is numeric that represents a day ( as in 365 for 31-Dec-Year). Convert the Dayno to corresponding year's month and date and then send to targer.

  E_NO           YEAR_MONTH_DAY
   ------            --------- ----------
     1                  29-OCT-07
     2                  19-JUL-08

These are the basic steps for this scenario

  1. Connect  SQF with an expression transformation.
  2. In expression create one o/p port c_year_mm_dd, make it to date type and in that port write the condition like this.
  3. Finally send to target