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Set of tutorials regarding Java collections and related coding,concepts and exploring many internal ideas in all current Java versions like 5 , 1.6 and java 7.

This set of tutorials concentrate on summery of SCJP/OCJP pattern concepts and snippets

Data Structures are one of the most important part of any programming language , and it is not any different in Java. And no wonder you would get most of the questions in an interview from the collection framework. These series of tutorials/questions will intrigue your interest in data structure and needless to say crack tougher interviews.

This section contains Servlet/JSP related tutorials, interview questions etc.{addthis off}

Facing interviews these days is not an easy task.Assuming that you have gone through all the interview questions available over internet is, foolish.Because of the fact that, not only interviewee needs preparation, but also interviewer needs it too.It is highly unlikely that an interviewer wouldn't have gone through the same questions as that of an interviewee.

Here you will find offbeat questions on Servlets that generally asked in tough interviews.You can always argue "how tough is tough ?".These questions do worth a look if you want to prepare the best questions for the worst scenarios.

If you want to know the general questions asked on Servlets, look some where else. These are offbeat and quite infrequently and tough questions.{addthis off}

Spring is a lightweight container and a framework for resolving tight coupling issues in mordern application development

Spring tutorials, IOC tutorial, AOP, MVC and webflow tutorials

We will learn the basic Spring DI step by step tutorials

Spring Interview questions, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Security

Learn Hibernate 3.6 the latest version

Basic Hibernate tutorial for better understanding and easy to development.

Questions dealing with hibernate

Adroid development,

Tips and Tricks on android application development , android emulator on windows 7.

Random articles on Android sdk,ndk programming

As applications grow bigger the complexity increases, thus inducing maintainability, extendibility , flexibility . Design patterns are here to rescue , which has been used in projects with proven record of not encountering problems mentioned above. In this set of category we will try to understand many design patterns, note for quick review, and even interview questions.

Object orientation is the basic blocks and foundation of achieving better softwares.

Object oriented concepts , Design patterns in Java and J2EE and hardware or tiers of the Java based architectures related interview question

This set of tutorials contains example , explanation of various concepts on Object orientation , for example encapsulation, inheritance, association , composition, aggregation etc {addthis off}