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In this tutorial I will share how to set up eclipse with your external maven installation. Assuming that you have the maven plugin already available in eclipse. As most of the developer usually sets up the maven by downloading from the apache project and sets them up manually than depending on eclipse ,  and sets a custom repo location.

Java 10 years back is not the same java any more, processing power crammed in with multiple cores , screen got wider and we are still stuck at 80 wide characters ? From Java

convention 80 char wide should have been deprecated since more than 99% screen resolution has gone above

Static import is not new in Java. I avoided it till I could , but when you are asked "achieve more in less code" has always made me to tweak a little bit of code.But stuck infinitely in the dilemma of unreadable code. Java has always advocate of cleaner code (even though  in the cost of verbosity )

Well, another UnsatisfiedLinkError, but worth knowing.Everything worked just fine in your machine and you take it to a different machine,BOOM , gone, "Can't find dependent libraries" , the reason is quite simple, lets talk about it.

The UnsatisfiedLinkError appears when the native method could not be stitched while called, at runtime.There are many scenarios while this error may come ,

You could be asked to know how long your function runs. Here is few lines to know how.

It may sound stupid Java, But seriously, how helpful is it  having a compiler complaining about code which is unreachable ? Well, a lot.

In this article we will explore some misconception of Java