Interview Questions

Facing interviews these days is not an easy task.Assuming that you have gone through all the interview questions available over internet is, foolish.Because of the fact that, not only interviewee needs preparation, but also interviewer needs it too.It is highly unlikely that an interviewer wouldn't have gone through the same questions as that of an interviewee.

Here you will find offbeat questions on Servlets that generally asked in tough interviews.You can always argue "how tough is tough ?".These questions do worth a look if you want to prepare the best questions for the worst scenarios.

If you want to know the general questions asked on Servlets, look some where else. These are offbeat and quite infrequently and tough questions.{addthis off}

This set of interview questions are tricky,however a good developer would love to recall, and practise

These set of questions are designed for more advanced or experienced users,and something you won't get to see over the web as servlet interview questions, and I have collected quite a few questions from around   that I thought worth putting it under "Offbeat questions".