Informatica Set 3

Which are  lookup caches?

What are the different values returned by NewLookupRow port?

Which value returned by NewLookupRow port says that    Integration Service updates the row in the cache?

What are the types of SQL queries you can specify in the SQL transformation?

What is meanig of tracing level?

Which command has 60seconds time out period?


Which command is similar to'kill'command in unix?

Which one contains contains input and output transformations?

Which one can test multiple condition?

Which dimension is  collection of random transactional codes, flags and/or text attributes ?

Which one is not a target Option for file on the Servers?

Which one is not a designer tool creating tranformations?

Which one is not a  scheduling options to run a sesion?

Which one manages connections to the repository from client application.?

How to Generate the Metadata Reports in Informatica?

Whis one is not Target Types on the Server?