Informatica Set 4

What are the proceses to do  join the tables if the tables have no primary and forien key relation and no matchig port to join?

Can  start and stop single session in concurent batch?

Can you copy the batches?

What are the   processes that informatica runs the session?

What is the default source option for update stratgey ?

Which one not in the types of maping  in " getting  started wizard"?

Waht is default join of joiner?

What are the types of joins  that  Joiner transformation supports ?

What is the default join of Source Qualifier?

What are the types of batches?

What are the types of groups in Router transformation?

Which one of these create log files?

Dimenstion tables are denormalized in nature ? True or False.

Which of these are  the types of metadata that stores in repository?

In the Type2 mapping we have three options to recognize the newly added rows. Which one is not belongs to them?


How to Generate the Metadata Reports in Informatica?