Informatica Set 5

How can we load time dimension?

Which of these are true about look-up cache?

Which are the load types in Informatica session?

In which load type in session we can't recover the session, or can't rollback .

Which load type we should use in case of less amount of data and recover session?

Which of these are measure objects?

Can you start a batch within a batch?

If  you want to save the lookup cache files and reuse them the next time the informatica server , which cache you'll use?

For look-up , which one is default informatica server  cache?

If you want to  insert new rows into cache and the target,you should use which cache?

What are the settings that you have  to configure in joiner transformation?

Which lookup cache is read-only?

Which cache allows you to share lookup cache among multiple transaction?

If you want to configure the lookup transformation to rebuild the lookup cache,then which cache you should use?

While importing the relational source definition from the database, which of thse are the metadata of source that will be imported?