Informatica Set 9

If you  want to run a second session only if the first session completes successfully, then which task you should use?

Can you run part of work flow?

Which tasks are re-usable?

Which  task Waits for a user-defined or a predefined event to occur, once the event occurs, the Integration Service completes the rest of the workflow?

If you want to copy the rejected files  and paste it in other directory during the running of work-flow, then which task you should use?

Which one is not a commit type?

What are the types of method to load dimensional table?

What is lookup table?

Whch scd type stores  one time historical data with current data?

Which SCD methodology overwrites old data with new data?

Which SCD method tracks historical data by creating multiple records?

What is hybrid SCD?

Which schema is normalized?

If one  table contains a value that is not  either measure or fact, what do we call that?

Which type of wizard loads a static fact or dimension table by inserting all rows?