Spring MVC Set 1

Spring Web MVC (and in Spring in general) is the "Open for extension, closed for modification" principle.The reason that this principle is being mentioned here is because a number of methods in the core classes in Spring Web MVC are marked final.

Which of the among is not a special bean in  WebApplicationContext?

How the Spring DispatcherServlet  supports for returning the last-modification-date, as specified by the Servlet API ?

WebApplicationContext has more scopes like request, session, globalSession to the standard Application context (which only provides Singleton and Prototype scopes)

All of Spring's various Controller inherit from AbstractControllor?

You can  write your own controller by using 

handleRequestInternal(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) method from abstract controller and a ModelAndView object.

Which of the following  controller inspects the URL and retrieves the filename of the file request and uses that as a viewname ?For example, the filename of http://www.springframework.org/welcome.html request is welcome.

'https://localhost:8080/index.view?method=testIt' will result in the method

testIt(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) being invoked.