Sql DDL Part 2

What are  the correct  statement for changing the datatype of empno  number(8) to number(10) ?

What is the command to modify number of columns, like to change EmpNo datatype number(10) to number (12) and Emp_Address char(20) to char(24) of Emp table?

What would be  statement to rename the Emplyoee table to emp?

Drop command will delete rows from a table which can be recovered latter .

Drop a table means deleting the table from data structure.

Which of among is right command for drop a table named Emp ?

How to drop a column like Emp_Adress from emp table? Pick the right answer

Can we drop multipul table at a time ?

Is it possible to drop more than one column at a time?

How to drop emp_address and deptno from Emp table?