SQL Function 4

If  Character functions that return CLOB values, if the length of the return values exceeds the limit then what will happen ?

Which of the following are  character functions ?

What will be out put for this one ?

SELECT ABS(-23) as Absolute FROM DUAL;


What will be output of the following ?

SELECT LOWER('BullRaider QUiz') my_length FROM Dual;

Which of the following function displays timestamp with time zone for the current database date and time?

Aggregate functions return multiple result of rows based on groups of rows, rather than on single rows.

'NULLIF'  compares expr1 and expr2. If they are equal, then the function returns null. If they are not equal, then the function returns expr1.

Which of the following is not a Object reference function ?

'Group By' clause always used with  Aggrigate function .

Which of tollowing statements are true ?