A set of angularjs interview questions, asked frequently in the interviews in many organizations


  1. What is "Whatever" of MVW of AngularJS
  2. Why it is preferred way to use the ng-bind directive instead of {{}} for binding data to the view ? 
  3. What is the difference between $http and $httpBackend ? 
  4. What is automatic bootstraping in angularjs ?
  5. Why it is advised not to use any global functions in javascript based development ? 
  6. why  $log  service advisable to use it instead of console.log in angular js ? 
  7. Given Angular js module "BookModule" , which registers a service named "MyBookService", how do you make another module "MyModule" to access the "MyBookService" ?
  8. What is the difference between ng-bind vs ng-model ? / We generally put <input type="text" ng-model="myModel" /?> but if we do <input type="text" ng-bind="myModel" /> what do we expect ?